Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is 3D printing good for?

A: Whether you need an enclosure for your DIY project, a custom gift, or simply a door stopper, you can 3D print it. 3D printing has enabled many different industries to speed up time to market, and allowed hobbyists to affordably create their own custom parts. 3D printing is perfect for one-off components, or small manufacturing batches.

Q: What are the benefits of 3D printing?

A: 3D printing allows endless customisation with regards to design and materials. 3D printing allows designers to quickly and affordably create prototypes, ultimately saving time in the design process and allowing for more incremental design iterations. This allows new or improved products to be brought to market much faster than traditional means. 3D printing also provides a means of creating custom parts for individuals and DIYers at an affordable price not previously possible.

Q: What are the limitations of 3D printing?

A: Although there are countless advantages, there are a few limitations to 3D printing. Most 3D printers can only print one material at a time and are also limited by the size of the printer. Intricate shapes must also be carefully designed to allow them to be printed in separate parts, as the 3D printing process requires layers of material to be deposited, and therefore no hidden large undercuts. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Q: What is a 3D model?

A: To 3D print, a 3D model is required. This can be obtained from an existing manufacturer, an open-source website, or created yourself using 3D CAD software. In a professional environment, you would have a 3D artist or industrial designer create the part for you. Zeutek also offers these services. Just contact us and let us know your requirements.

Q: Which 3D models cannot be 3D printed?

A: There are several conditions that must be met in order for a 3D model to be 3D printable. For example, if the walls of the object are too thin, or if the geometry of the object cannot be physically realized, it will not work.

Q: Which material should I use?

A: Zeutek offers printing in PLA and ABS plastic. PLA has a smoother surface finish and is biodegradable, however, it has less mechanical strength and is more sensitive to heat (ie. not suitable on a car dash). ABS is suitable for mechanical items due to its higher heat resistance and mechanical strength.